Check out our curated list of top 10 Funniest Things to do Tokyo. Enjoy activities suc as visiting animal cafes, driving go karts and others.

1. Try Out Robot Restaurant

In recent years, Japanese culture has evolved into an eclectic mash-up of antiquated customs and cutting-edge fashions. It’s one of the many reasons a trip to Tokyo is so amazing.

And while the majority of visitors would organize their vacation to this location around temples, museums, and the cherry blossom season, no trip is complete without a night out at Robot Restaurant.

The Robot Restaurant show in Shinjuku may best be described as being like taking LSD in a real-life sci-fi movie.

2. Visit Lucky Cat at Gotokuji Temple

One of Tokyo’s most distinctive tourist attractions is the famed “beckoning cats” statues, which depict a cat sitting up with one paw lifted in the air.

Maneki-Neko is the name for these cats, which are said to bring good fortune. Although they can have either paw up, Gotokuji only pays attention to cats with the right paw raised.

The temple is also the subject of lengthy mythology about a nobleman who was saved from a rainstorm by a cat that invited him inside.

3. Soak in an Onsen

The majority of tourists desire to experience soaking in a Japanese onsen, or hot spring, at least once.

An onsen is a Japanese bath that is generally outdoors and used for bathing fun and relaxation.

There are several distinct baths, including kashikiri, sento, and rotenburo (outside baths) (slipper bath).

The main concepts of relaxation and cleanliness are shared by all of these hot springs, notwithstanding their various variances.

You must be completely nude to use the baths, which are divided between the sexes. Don’t be ashamed; everyone does it, particularly the elderly and young Japanese residents.

4. Wacth a Sumo Wrestling Match

Funniest Things to do Tokyo

One of the strangest pastimes in the nation is sumo wrestling, which is also Japan’s national sport.

Seeing the sport in person is sure to be a wonderful highlight of your trip to Japan because Sumo wrestlers are so well-known across the world due to their enormous stature and the extreme intensity with which they enter their battles.

The largest sumo matches in the nation, including championship fights, are held in Kokugikan Sumo Stadium, but you may also attend to a variety of smaller venues for a more personal experience.

5. Go to Shibuya Crossing

Funniest Things to do Tokyo

When you visit Shibuya Scramble Crossing, you’ll notice a lot of visitors with cameras waiting for the perfect opportunity to take pictures at the corner of the crossing. Shibuya Scramble Crossing has grown to be the most recognizable landmark in Tokyo as well as a famous photo location. A half million people cross the busiest intersection in the world every day, and when the lights turn green, the sight of everyone crossing at once is just astounding!

Shibuya is regarded as Tokyo’s trendiest neighborhood and is the center of Japanese youth culture. There are several big shopping centers, little boutiques, cheap shops, pubs, clubs, cafés, and restaurants here. It’s a terrific location for food, nightlife, and shopping.

The crossing and the neighborhood frequently turn into the scene of unauthorized street celebrations by young people during special occasions. The most famous one is Shibuya Halloween, when tens of thousands of partygoers dress up in original Halloween costumes and walk the Shibuya street all night.

6. Visit DIGITAL ART MUSEUM — TeamLab Borderless

As the world’s first digital art museum, the MORI Building’s teamLab Borderless debuted in the summer of 2018 in Tokyo’s Odaiba district. Since then, it has become one of the most popular locations in the city, making it both a popular weekend destination for locals and a must-see tourist attraction for all visitors.

The museum uses cutting-edge high technology to provide a distinctive interactive art experience. In a large room, several digital art exhibits are on view. The artworks are projected into the walls and floors, and immersive light and sound installations respond to your touches and motions to move and reflect.

Let the immersive digital artworks take you away! Bring your camera, since this is the ideal location for Instagram photos.

7. Visit Tokyo’s Oldest Temple Sensoji at Asakusa

Funniest Things to do Tokyo

The Asakusa district of Tokyo is home to Sensoji Temple, one of the city’s oldest temples. Visitors like strolling along “Nakamise Street,” the approach to the temple’s main hall, and snapping pictures of the renowned Kaminarimon gate. Additionally, there are several kimono stores and rickshaw trips in the area. While in this contemporary Metropolis, Asakusa is an excellent place to discover traditional Japanese culture and the ancient townscape.

8. Visit Maid Cafe in Akihabara

Funniest Things to do Tokyo

Akihabara, a.k.a. One of the most well-liked tourist destinations in Tokyo is Akiba, which is well known for its electronic goods and for being the center of the Otaku subculture. Even for Japanese folks, waking up on the street of Akihabara is exciting. Akihabara is a terrific spot to explore a whole different side of Tokyo, even if you are not into Japanese Otaku culture (underground idols, gaming, anime, manga electronics, etc.).

9. Driving Go-Kart like Super Mario

Participating in special events and excursions are excellent choices to add to your trip schedule if you want to explore the traditional or distinctive cultures of Japan. Tokyo offers a wide range of activities, from traditional cultural experiences to cutting-edge, contemporary ones, and go-karting has become one of the most popular alternatives among visitors in recent years. You may maneuver a Go-Kart through the city in character-themed clothing if you have a valid Japanese or foreign driver’s license!

10. Visit Animal Cafes: Meet Adorable Animals

Funniest Things to do Tokyo

There are many different kinds of animal cafés in Tokyo nowadays where you can meet, touch, and interact with lovely creatures. Animal cafes have become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Japan in recent years.

Funniest Things to do Tokyo

The first popular animal cafe in Tokyo is called Owl Cafe, and it has a variety of adorable owls. It’s uncommon to encounter owls in the wild, but at Tokyo’s owl cafés, you can really touch them, snap their photo, and have a special time with the endearing owls there.

We hope you liked our list of 10 Funniest Things to do in Tokyo and we invite you to also check out 7 Best Animal Cafes in Tokyo

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