In Bangkok’s nightlife scene, you’ll find the best of this drink at cocktail bars. Unlike in the past, where they’re served mostly at hotels, you can now enjoy top-quality concoctions at casual bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and rooftop venues. Check out our list with the best cocktail bars in Bangkok

008 Bar

best cocktail bars in Bangkok

008 Bar stands on Soi Thonglor 8 and pulls from the aesthetics of the time of World War I, immersing the venue in a classic ambiance from a bygone era.

At this bar, you’re greeted with all kinds of jazz sounds in full swing. Synth jazz, swing jazz, and electronic jazz by live bands and DJs rotate on each night.

The modern-contemporary decor uses mostly wood and leather furniture. Serving as the centerpiece is the bar counter area – shelves framed with lights, showcasing 008’s drink collection.

The cocktail menu is quite simple – no fancy ingredients, no flashy presentations. 008 thrives on a ‘Back to Basic’ principle, inspired by the time of alcohol prohibition in the US.

1826 Mixology & Rooftop Bar

best cocktail bars in Bangkok

1826 Mixology & Rooftop Bar stands on the 26th floor of Rembrandt Hotel on Sukhumvit 18. Its menu is rich with backstories and inspirations. These would include elements from the hotel’s other restaurants (Mexicano, Rang Mahal, and Da Vinci) and discoveries made by the mixologists, who then incorporate them into the cocktails.

The classy bar features mainly black & brown tones, with multiple seat areas at the balcony, indoor lounge, and bar counter. There’s also an open-air deck that overlooks the skyscrapers in Sukhumvit and the nearby Benjasiri Park.

As for the music, expect jazz tracks with various moods and tempos that change throughout the day, ranging from mellow & lazy to full-on swing.

Alonetogether Bangkok

Alonetogether Bangkok, located in Soi Sukhumvit 31, is a two-story, speakeasy-like bar dedicated to cocktails, cigars, and live Jazz. Inspired by the Jazz bars that were popular in America during the ‘90s, the interior features dark-colored wood and leather elements dimly-lit by a few mood lightings. The ground floor houses the cocktail bar while the 2nd-floor doubles as a cigar lounge and a vinyl listening room.

The Jazz bands perform four nights a week with a rotation of different genres including Jazz, Soul, and Funk.

The bar team focuses on classic cocktails, but puts extra attention into ingredients selection and methods, adding a unique value to their creations.


best cocktail bars in Bangkok

AQUA Bar is an upscale bar nestled within the courtyard of Anantara Siam Bangkok. Located in Ratchadamri, this downtown spot welcomes all patrons who want to sip on some refreshing drinks and relax beside a koi pond.

The cocktails at AQUA Bar are expertly made. The taste is simply exquisite, but the fancy and creative garnishes looks even better on camera.

The drinks aren’t AQUA Bar’s only highlight; the venue also offers over a hundred delectable options from restaurants in the five star hotel. Combine that with the bar’s tranquil ambiance, and you’ve got the perfect place for a romantic date or a quiet evening after a long day of work.

Asia Today

Asia Today highlights local Thai ingredients by introducing them as a companion to the alcohol in the cocktail creations. Located in Soi Nana, Yaowarat, the bar focuses on mixing rum with local Thai ingredients such as wild chrysanthemum from Chiang Rai or honey from Khao Yai.

The choice to use a fire exit door as its entrance reflects Asia Today’s bold attitude. Neon quote signs bathe the venue in red & pink glow. That, and the Pulp Fiction posters and suggestive photos that lined the walls, give the bar a character like none other.

On weekends, Asia Today also opens during the day to serve coffee and coffee-based mocktails. The beans come exclusively from Thai roasteries to support local quality suppliers.

Baby Bar Bangkok

best cocktail bars in Bangkok

Baby Bar Bangkok, located at Craftsman Hotel, features a retro-industrial style and a funky playlist of soulful, electronic, Britpop, and jazz that changes each day. On Fridays, however, you can expect live bands playing catchy pop tunes between 20.00 – 23.00. The food menu focuses on Thai dishes with a twist, which go great with the bar’s many signature cocktails. Baby Bar is open daily between 08.00 – 23.00.

Backstage Cocktail Bar

Backstage Cocktail Bar is a chic bar at Playhaus Hotel in Thonglor. Under the concept of theater, the decor is modeled after the backstage area, complete with light-framed mirrors and curtains. As you draw the curtains open, you’ll find the bar counter lined with rows of drinks. The curtains also serve to section off the seats for more privacy.

Another highlight is the cocktail creations. Choose from their extensive menu, or have the bartenders create your own Custom Cocktail. The bartender will ask about your drinking preferences and create a new bespoke cocktail that’s perfect for you.

And get this; the bar will take a picture of you and write down your recipe. Whenever you come back, you can always re-order ‘your’ drink.

Bamboo Bar

The Bamboo Bar is a bar with a curious twist at the five-star Mandarin Oriental Bangkok Hotel. Inside, bamboos and other natural materials give the bar wild tropical vibes. With the unusual decor choice, the place looks and feels exquisitely exotic.

The drink menu at The Bamboo Bar is quite impressive, especially their signature classic cocktails. For those who crave variety, though, the bar also serves many newer creations. 

The cocktails are crafted by a mixology master, who has headed the bar for over 40 years, and a team of new generation bartenders with a passion and skills to match.

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