Ever wondered what is the best airport in Asia? Search no more, we are here to present Changi, the best airport in Asia. Here is why we think it deserves this title:

The world’s tallest indoor waterfall

This 40-meter-tall indoor waterfall, which cascades from Jewel’s dome and cascades down through Jewel’s center to the basement levels up to B2, is a sight to see. It never fails to steal your breath away no matter how many times you’ve seen it. The Rain Vortex is altered at night by a light and sound performance that illuminates the waterfall in sync with the music.

The highest slide in an airport.

A slide at an airport is unnecessary. Indeed, we do! The Slide @ T3 is the highest slide in an airport, standing at 12 meters (4 floors), and is guaranteed to please both adults and children. Start at Level 1 and quickly descend to B3. To get 10 slide rides, you must show your Changi Rewards e-Card at the T3 Information Counter.

Canopy Park in the airport

There is no need to introduce the Canopy Park at Jewel Changi Airport. You may go down thrilling slides, explore the hedge and mirror mazes, stroll on the walking nets, and more. The Canopy Park, which offers access to the Discovery Slides, Foggy Bowls, Petal Garden, and Topiary Walk, requires a ticket for entry. Several of the park’s attractions demand separate entrance fees (namely Canopy Bridge, the Hedge and Mirror mazes, and the Manulife Sky Nets). It’s undoubtedly a fantastic way to work up a sweat indoors while appreciating Jewel’s beauty.

Movie Theater in the airport

Yes, Changi Airport has everything, including a theater. No, we’re not referring to the one that’s traveling! Visit Jewel Changi Airport’s Shaw Theatre. This theater is unique in that it contains a room just for kids and families. This room contains colorful chairs, softer lighting within the corridors, reduced brightness and noise, and a front open area with children’s bean bags. Movies geared at children and families are shown in the theater. There is also an IMAX theater here for those who prefer a more immersive experience.

Changi Shopping Mall

best airport in Asia

Changi Airport is a retail haven, just like Singapore, with labels like Nike, Kate Spade, COACH, UNIQLO, Apple, and more! Not to mention, you may take advantage of fantastic discounts, GST-absorbed shopping, fortunate drawings, exclusive prizes, and more.

Crowne Plaza Changi Airport

Why not spend the night at Changi Airport if you’ve already done all of the aforementioned and still can’t get enough of it? If you stay at the Crowne Plaza Changi Airport, you may reserve a room with a view of the airport runway or Jewel and enjoy their resort-style pool. If you want to know what it’s like to live while traveling!

Entertainment Deck

best airport in Asia

Established on level 1 of the Singapore airport, this entertainment thing to do in Changi Airport deck is a paradise for gaming lovers. If you have a lot of time then this is a fabulous thing you must add to your list of Singapore airport activities.

From the latest PlayStation games to the X box one game, where one can play each one of them. Not only this but here one can also play physical games which are an amazing activity to witness with friends and family. These consoles test your dexterity and give you a chance to win the challenges!

Cactus Garden

best airport in Asia

One of the most relaxing things to do in Changi Airport is chilling at the Cactus garden which features an array of cacti plants and arid plants. Whether you wish to grab a drink at the bar or just want to gape at the jaw-dropping views, where one can witness both of them.

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